Projects 2013

The Babysitters Circus –  final album mixes. “Electronica / Bass / Funk / Groove”. TBC have hit NZ and the Netherlands Top-10 with previous single “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”.

Recloose – mix of disco flip of Funkadelic’s “Sexy Ways”

Goon – album mastering and occasional song tweak. Catchy 3-piece indie rock.

MalevolenceNZ – album mastering. One of the mainstay bands of NZ metal. Deathmetal / Grindcore.

Zed Brookes “O Sweet Cacophony” album – completing last few bits of tracking for post-2012 Masters degree submission album.

Various soundalike backing music tracks for Mediaworks “Jono and Ben at 10”

Darkelle – tweaking up a couple more singles for release later this year

Hobby Farm – remixing a couple of demos

UAD beta 64-bit plugins for OSX finally here

Universal Audio have finally released their 64-bit plugins for OSX – at this point only in beta version. They are only recommended for Logic users at present.

The Windows 64-bit versions came out at the end of November 2012, with beta OSX versions promised in December 2012. So they’re only slightly late.

UAD plugins will only run on a choice of various types of UAD host hardware or accelerator cards.  They appear in your DAW as typical plugins, but they feature some exquisitely-modeled vintage audio gear.