Based in Auckland, New Zealand  – not that it means much nowadays in our global community. 30 years of wide industry experience.

Mix repair.  Production. “Added” production. Mixing. Mastering.

What we do:

For straightforward music recording – eg if you’re a band that just wants to get some songs down – you’re probably better off to simply book into a reputable commercial studio in your area.

If you need help developing your sound, or setting up your own project studio, or want an advocate or producer to help you get the sound you desire, then contact us.

We’re all about facilitating and producing great songs and passing on the skills to future artists and producers – “changing the world one bedroom producer at a time”.

We currently do a lot of “mix repair” work – tidying up people’s existing song/s and giving them a breath of fresh air, adding dynamics, presence and impact where needed. Often when one records at home, they end up with a case of “demo-itis” where they become attached to elements of the song, and are unable to identify the prominent song hooks or to cut things out that aren’t needed.  We’re good at spotting areas of improvement. We can work to a brief – from just “zhoojing” up a mix, to fixing the arrangement, to adding extra parts as needed (even just extracting from other parts you’ve created elsewhere in the song), to a whole rebuild. And it’s usually cheaper than you think.

We  provide the following services as needed:

Mastering – all musical styles. ISRC codes. Delivery via web, master disc or DDP. Optimised formats for digital distribution.

Mixdown and mix consultancy (Getting a fresh professional ear on your own home recording or mix jobs). All musical genres. Indie and broadcast compatibility included.

Project Studio design or optimising an existing studio setup. Can design an entire studio setup, or recommend a suite of products to suit a budget. Can include acoustic treatment and soundproofing solutions.

On-location training – how to get the best out of your existing setup, plus improve your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) workflow. Includes Logic/Pro Tools workflow training.

Production – full production services from initial song concept to final release. Includes identifying and locking in your own unique sound. Booking session musicians and professional studios as required. Projects done to an agreed budget.

Post-production – Edit and Repair work – a touch too much “indie” in your recorded work – or perhaps not enough? We can clean up recordings, fix pitch and timing, or remove noise, buzz and hum. Or we can add some texture where needed, if you feel that your recording is missing a little something to make it more exciting.

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All work guaranteed.

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