Zed’s production studio is set up for speedy composition and capture of ideas, song development, editing, mixing and mastering. Basic vocals and guitar tracks are done here, but anything larger is taken to a more suitable commercial room as required.

Computers: MacMini, Intel-based PC

Recording Apps: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton Live

Plug-ins: Full selection of UAD plugins, NI Komplete, D16 Group, Slate VCC/Virtual Analog/SDD/Trigger, Soundtoys bundle, ArtsAcoustic Reverb.

UAD Apollo x8, UAD TB Octo Satellite,  Apogee GIO, Drawmer 1960 Tube Preamp

Central Station w/remote

Novation 49SL2

Various mics, including Avantone CV12 (tube), Shure SM7b, Shure Green Bullet, RM-5 Ribbon, AKG C460b.

Various basses (Fender Jaguar, Warwick Fortress Flashback 5-string, Steinberger)

Electric and acoustic guitars (Fender Jag-Stang , Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar, Epiphone Acoustic, Ibanez 12-String)

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