UAD Plugins/software Version 7 out – with new Apollo 16

This new update from Universal Audio sees some new plugins added to the collection as well as an updated control panel for the Apollo.

The new plug-ins are;

Ocean Way Studios – a recreation of this famous recording studio allows you to either recreate the two main room reverbs – or even cooler – you can place instruments within these rooms and adjust some virtual mic positions. You can model the position based on a range of sounds (eg drums or vocals) in their typical locations and mic positions in either of the two rooms. I’ve only had a limited play with this plug-in, but so far I really like it. The rooms sound natural and sweet, and it’s great being able to change the mic selection, move them closer or further away from the source, change phase etc.

SPL Twin-Tube Processor – this plugin allows the adding of tube harmonics. The description doesn’t sound that amazing, but the plug-in does. It seems to add amazing presence and to make things cut through in the mix really easily. Really love this one.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator – a fantastic plugin for increasing the apparent loudness of things without pumping or over-saturating – it’s been around for a while but is now available in the UAD format. One of those essential tools that it’s hard to live without once you’ve used it.

All plugs are now fully 64-bit compatible.

The V7 UAD Apollo console update adds things like Pro Tools mode (remaps the audio i/o ports to more easily use external inserts with Pro Tools), cascading of multiple Apollo units, plus support for the new Apollo 16. It also allows real-time UAD plug-in processing of virtual instruments (handy for live gigs!) by the use of virtual channels in the console.

All in all this is an excellent update to the UAD system – and for those that haven’t yet thought about UAD plug-ins – I thoroughly recommend them – they sound amazing.